Starboard is an art & design studio that loves coffee & conversation. Coffee keeps us fueled and conversation keeps us motivated. Our favorite part of what we do is the people we meet. We love collaborating with people who have an infectious zest for life and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. We believe in good people, meaningful design, and an endless amount of fun.


Our Story

Starboard is the creative studio of Jillian Perez Dudziak. She founded Starboard to have the freedom to work with people and projects that inspire her. She works with a talented group of collaborators that also have an infectious desire to use their talents for good.

We believe in giving back which is why we donate 10% of our profits to worthy charities and causes.

What We Love To Do

Lots of people like to refer to these as 'Services' but we prefer to call them 'Things We Love To Do'.

  • Build websites that are easy to maintain for small business owners, filmmakers and non-profits.
  • Research and develop brand identities.
  • Create visual marketing campaigns.
  • Design posters and key illustrations for filmmakers.
  • Photography and photo editing. 
  • Create illustrated artworks.

About Jillian

Armed with a deep desire to understand humanity, Jillian focuses on creating work that fosters positive change and has impact on her surrounding community. She specializes in art direction, graphic and web design, and digital photography. She has over a decade of experience working in commercial and academic creative industries and has developed creative work for award-winning filmmakers, photographers and artists whose focus is to bring awareness to current social injustices.

Jillian considers herself both a lifelong student and educator and believes in the importance of mentoring the next generation of creative minds. She has served as a panelist at the Better World by Design Conference hosted at the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a Project M alumni and has taught courses in the Integrated Media Program at Mt. Hood Community College. She earned her BA in Digital Media and an MFA in Emerging Media from the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design. 

The Studio

Jillian works out of her home studio that's nestled in foothills of the Pacific Coast Range just outside of Portland, Oregon. She's enjoys the science of growing her own food, watching the horses run through the pasture and prefers to bring her laptop outside to work as much as possible.